Child custody and visitation is often the most emotional of cases that one will deal with in their particular family law matter.  Luckily that is where we shine, helping navigate an ideal parenting plan that fits your child/children’s best interests. Even when matters are uncontested and both parties agree as to a parenting plan, it is often best to ensure that you make those agreements into an enforceable custody order.

Both San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties are mandatory mediation counties, which means during your initial court date on custody and visitation issues, you will speak with a mediator who will make a recommendation on your case as to a parenting plan.  The issues discussed in mediation vary case by case.  There are various issues one can deal with in their particular custody or visitation case.  The most important are that of Legal Custody and Physical Custody.  Legal custody determines who makes decisions for the child/children’s school and medical issues.  Physical custody is the actual schedule exercised (when each parent will physically see the child and who the child will reside with primarily, if not an equal timeshare).  Various issues are also commonly dealt with, such as transportation for visitation, and children’s extracurricular activities.  Often a crucial issue we handle in custody and visitation cases is that of a ‘move away’, when one parent decides they wish to move, with the child/children, out of the county or out of the state.  This can cause quite a significant change that will need to be handled efficiently.

The court will always ultimately look to what is in the best interest of the child/children.  Not one custody and visitation case is like another so it’s important to have someone with legal knowledge to help navigate through the specific intricacies of your particular child custody issue.