A dissolution action legally ends your marriage or domestic partnership and includes many underlying issues, such as support, custody and visitation, and division of community property. The decisions made in these actions can have lasting effects. We can help guide you through our specialized knowledge and experience make the right decision, whether your case is amicable or contested.

Legal separation

In a legal separation, your marital status is not terminated but you still must resolve key issues such as division of community property, support, and custody and visitation. We can help you decide which direction is best for you given your particular circumstances.


 In certain circumstances, a dissolution or legal separation may not be appropriate as your marriage may have been void from the onset. Whether your marriage is void or voidable under certain provisions of statute is something we can help you determine.

Child custody and visitation

Child custody and visitation can be one of the most complicated and emotionally charged issues you will need to deal with in your particular case. We focus on the best interest of the children and advocate to mold a parenting plan which is suitable to your individual case.

Spousal support

Often intertwined in your Dissolution or Legal Separation matter is that of financial support. It is important to have someone on your side with specialized knowledge to assist in your financial issues, whether you are on the receiving side of support or you are the payor of support.

Child support

 Along with assisting in developing an appropriate parenting plan, parents often must consider the financial aspect of raising their children. Whether you are receiving child support or paying child support, we can assist you to ensure all appropriate factors have been considered.


When parents are unable to care for their children and someone else steps in, guardianship may be appropriate to obtain custody of the children. Find out if a Guardianship action is right for you.

Grandparent rights

Under California law, grandparents can step in to ask for reasonable visitation with their grandchildren, in appropriate cases. There are specific instances in which this is allowed. We can help you determine if this is the right step for you.